Morning Music Notes – Action Figures and Fake Condoms

We have a video for the 3rd single from Laura Mvula’s Sing to the Moon album. We had the clap-happy If That’s Alright (and its remix), as well as Green Garden. The latest video is for She.

Laura Mvula - She via YouTube screen cap
She (the song, not the singer) is a slower pace than we’re used to from Mvula, but this isn’t a bad thing. The video features the happenings in one’s house – dinner, making out, and other things I typically jot down in my diary. Check it out below.

Laura Mvula – She

Morning Music Notes

In case you didn’t see our Twitter (@PeteHatesMusic) or Facebook pages, Pearl Jam are dropping a new album called Lightning Bolt, inspiring lame headline writers to say things like “PJ Strikes Again”. The announcement also came with a new track called Mind Your Manners.

More news from 1990s alt rock bands – the Smashing Pumpkins are releasing a 3D concert film and live album on September 3. Great, I really want an upclose and 3D look at Billy Corgan’s bald head about 2 inches from my eyeballs (via Billboard)

What goes well with Daft Punk Condoms? Well, besides dirty sex. Yup, Daft Punk action figures! (via MTV)

And those Daft Punk Get Lucky Durex condoms? They’re unofficial – Durex has no involvement (at least not officially). Let’s hope they weren’t made by some 12 year olds in science class, or there might be some Daft Punk babies on the way soon (via Gigwise)

Jay-Z and President Obama text each other. LOL! L8R! HOVA! (via NME)

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