Stream! Stars – The North (entire album)

The latest album from Stars is out today, and they’ve put it up for all to hear. The album is called The North, and is the follow up to The Five Ghosts. Since I’m interviewing singer Torquil Campbell (once I can get a hold of him on the phone – my fault, not his), I’ve had the album for the past 2 months, and it’s gotten plenty of listens.

The album is a little more subdued and slower than recent efforts. Stars continue their lyrics about love, sprinkled with politics and life in general. Life in general has changed for the band, as young children enter the fray, but the album isn’t flooded with references to parenthood. The vocal interplay between Amy and Torq that everyone loves is still present on several songs, as is the spoken word intro to the album. I think fans of Stars will enjoy the album – check it out below, then run out to the store and buy it.

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