Listen! Ghost Town Jenny – Cast Off (Live at Iceland Airwaves 2012 – Harpa Kolabrautin)

Earlier this year, we featured American/Swedish 5-piece band, Ghost Town Jenny and their Swan EP. The band were recently at the Iceland Airwaves festival playing a series of shows alongside other acts such as Of Monsters and Men, Sigur Ros, Dirty Projectors, and Half Moon Run, to name a few. I’m lazy, so I’m only naming a few.

ghost town jenny (photo credit Charles Malison)

Ghost Town Jenny have put a new live track from the festival on their SoundCloud, and it’s a good one. Kim Kylland’s vocals on Cast Off are stunning as usual, and the track is complimented by strings and a range of emotions brought upon by the combination of these two elements. If I start speaking about emotions, you know I’m either drunk or I really like a song. Make your ears happy and check out the track below, and if you like what you hear (spoiler alert: you will), check out some more of their live recordings.

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