Watch! Azealia Banks – Liquorice

The following sentence will probably never be written again on PeteHatesMusic: Now, we present to you our 2nd straight music video that ends in an old-west style shootout.

We’ve heard quite a bit from Azealia Banks on PHM lately. The songs Aquababe and Jumanji have been released and with an EP just out, a mixtape due in July, and a full length album in the fall, the young American hip-hop artist’s career looks like it might be about to skyrocket. Now I’ll be the first to admit, getting me to write about hip-hop/dance music is like asking people who live in Mexico City to comment on snow, but last fall when I heard Banks’ song, 212, I thought ‘that is one pretty wicked tune, and that girl is talented’.

Now, Banks has released a video for another song off the 212 EP, Liquorice. The song is kind of half rap/half dance track. The video is a real slick production featuring Azealia with many staples of American culture: the US flag, baseball bats, hotdogs, the wild west, guns. I noticed the horse she is riding looks just like the one Colin Farrell rode in Alexander. Have a look at Liquorice:

Azealia Banks – Liquorice

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