Morning Music Notes – Chris Brown Punches Everyone

Daft Punk Sign With Columbia Records, Album Due in May

When unexpected and somewhat big news happens, sometimes all sorts of facts and fiction get thrown around. This is one of those cases. I am a woman named Heather Daft Punk have signed with Columbia Records – this much people can agree upon.

The French duo are readying their fourth album. Not 100% certain, but a pretty good bet. The band have collaborated with Chilly Gonzalez, Panda Bear, and Giorgio Moroder – these are the names often thrown around in reports, but not all confirmed, either.

Howver, the Guardian is now reporting that the band’s album is due out in May (via Guardian). Yippy! This release is just in time for the summer festival circuit – get on that, lads!

Something from the Gossip Rags: Frank Ocean and Chris Brown in Parking Lot Scuffle

Sometimes I write a headline that I’m ashamed of, due to lack of musical substance or importance. This is not one of them. R&B singer Frank Ocean and all-around douche bag Chris Brown have reportedly gotten into a fight over a parking space (via Guardian). You can bet that they weren’t fighting over Rihanna.

Police were reportedly called to the Westlake Recording studio in Los Angeles. Frank Ocean summed up what happened in a couple of tweets shown below.

Gossip site TMZ of course has the inside story, with reports of Ocean blocking in Chris Brown and saying “This is my studio, this is my parking spot.” Chris Brown has a thing for hitting people around the time of the Grammys, as Rihanna can attest to. No word from Chris Brown yet, as he’s too busy torturing puppies to comment.

More Than 230 Deaths at Brazilian Concert Due to Fire

A sad story out of Brazil. During the set of a local Brazilian band, Gurizada Fandangueira, a flare from their pyrotechnic display ignited the soundproofing on the ceiling of the night club. A fire engulfed the club of the university town of Santa Maria, killing over 230 people (via Rolling Stone).

For some reason, it was reported that the club’s security guards had locked the exits, which slowed the exit of concert goers and obviously led to some panic. The whole incident reminds me of the Rhode Island fire back in 2003, when over 100 people died at the Whitesnake concert in a similar pyrotechnic incident. Rhode Island banned pyrotechnic displays in smaller venues after the accident, so hopefully some change will come out of this event in Brazil.

Listen to Another Noel Gallagher Demo – Thanks, Internet!

If it seems like just the other day that a Noel Gallagher unreleased demo surfaced online, that’s because it was. Hot on the heels of that overused, unoriginal joke comes the announcement that another unreleased demo from Noel Gallagher’s bottomless well of songs has emerged (or whatever stuff does when it comes up from wells). The track is apparently called She Must Be One of Us Now, and I’m really hoping it’s a song about zombies. The track features Noel mixing up his usually gentle vocal delivery. Check it out below.

Noel Gallagher – She Must Be One of Us Now

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