Ebeneezer Snoop, #bahumbizzle, and Other Made Up Words in Adidas’ New Facebook App

Snoop Lion / Dogg / fish has a new campaign for Adidas, and one thing is for sure – it’ll be much, much better than his Hot Pockets commercial. Snoop Dogg stars in a Cautionary Tale of Ebeneezer Snoop, where you get to meet the ghost of Christmas Past (Stan Smith), Christmas Present (“Golden Balls” David Beckham), and Christmas Future (Derrick Rose and Rota Ora). Not sure how much you can learn about Christmas from other Adidas spokespeople.

adidas Presents- The Cautionary Tale of Ebenezer Snoop - via YouTube screen cap

Ebeneezer Snoop can’t wait until the holiday is Feliz Navi-done (get it?) but what is this campaign all about? It’s about a revolutionary (their words, not mine) new Facebook app that Adidas is launching, so you can send some eCards or some crap to your Facebook friends, further exposing your privacy to a giant corporation. Buy Adidas merch and don’t be a Scrooge – what a great message! Watch Snoop continue to sell his soul, in the new Adidas campaign ad below.

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