WTF? Snoop Dogg, Drop It Like Its Hot, and Hot Pockets

Snoop Dogg has managed to have an incredibly high cool factor for a guy that will do a lot of stuff for money. No one comments on his gimmicky stuff (Anaheim Ducks hockey fan for one playoff run), his odd collaborations or commercial outings – he just has some cool factor about him that makes everyone ignore all of the other stuff. His latest venture? Reworking his hit song, Drop It Like Its Hot, into a Hot Pockets ad. The song is cringe worthy in both title and lyrics – it’s now called Pocket Like Its Hot.

You can hear lyrics like, “”Home with kids in the crib ma; Pocket like it’s hot
When the craving’s got a hold of you; Pocket like it’s hot
And your munchies get a attitude; Pocket like it’s hot
I’ve got the pockets in my arms; Setting off smoke alarms; And I eat ’em smoking hot; ‘Cause I got it goin’ on.”

Didn’t Mo try and get the Red Hot Chili Peppers to do this on the Simpsons to great failure? The video stars rapper DeStorm Power, comedian Andy Milonakis, WWE wrestler Brodus Clay, and – OF COURSE – a dancing Hot Pocket. Check out the insanity below, and watch Snoop Dogg continue to be the coolest man on the planet, somehow. IS NOTHING SACRED?

Snoop Dogg – Pocket Like Its Hot

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