Year End Special: The Best Searches That Made People Come to PeteHatesMusic – Part 1 of 2

Thanks to the magic of Google, us bloggers can tell how many people came to our site, how they got there, and how long they stayed. What we can’t tell is how much they hated what we wrote – although we gauge that by the lack of returning visitors, and mean comments on Twitter.

One of the more interesting things to look at is how people arrived at your site via Google searches. You can see exactly what people looked for that, in some cases, blows my mind to how they actually landed on PeteHatesMusic. Earlier this year, we showcased some of our favourites in the first half of 2012. Below are a handful of my favourites – Part 1 of 2. Yup, mailing it in over the Christmas break. Enjoy, and check back on Monday for Part 2.

Sex Sells
12 year old boys boner videos
afternoon masturbating
an afternoon out porn
big tits instagram
penis ipod case
bull nuts slang
working your testicles

Burning Questions – Part 1
are music blogs illegal 2012 (I sure as hell hope not!)
are the black keys groupies
are the great lake swimmers jehovahs witnesses?
what type of music can make you forget things
when using earbuds in my left ear i cough
who hates patrick stewart
who is becky in baby got back
anyone making money with instagram
do black people go to the roger waters concert
do you grind at concerts
does nirvana still make music (this makes me want to cry)
emily haines, can she really sing?
is jay-z a part of the illuminati
how much confetti is used at coldplay concert
how much do phm custodian make (We don’t have custodians here at PHM…)
is anthony kiedis a democrat
is batman real (keep this person away from heavy machinery and other humans in general)
is deryck whibley dead
why does paul mccarntney play at every event
why doesn’t google have a doodle for paul mccartney’s birthday
why is abel tesfaye’s voice so familiar?

All Thom Yorke
is beady eye named after thom yorke (ouch!)
has thom yorke ever been arrested
who thom yorke hates
why is thom yorke acting like a dj
thom yorke unhealthy
thom yorke affair

General Weirdness Part 1
My Personal favourite: chorus that goes ooo ooo ahh ooo song 2012
“black sabbath” illuminati
“trent reznor” “a baby”
ass wipe your ass music
bad things that have happened to trent reznor
308745538 divided by
a pretty girl pic that say secrets
bart simpson hot
best jeopardy questions
charlize i’d drink her bath milk
correct answer for the value of 2 in 27
dallas green going bald
daniel johns from silverchair drinking beer in hotelroom
duracell powermat is the company to bring on the revolution illuminati
gangnam style-related suicides numbered in the billions

Check back Monday for more weirdness, and check out our other 3 part Google search series from June.

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2 Responses

  1. steve says:

    Huh, I thought ‘ass wipe your ass music’ would bring you to

  2. pete says:

    I thought the same thing for “12 year old boys boner videos”