Make Music Using Muscles on an Old Spice Athlete

Deodorant company Old Spice knows a thing about making a viral video. Their Old Spice Guy campaign from a few years ago, featuring a ripped dude, made middle aged women everywhere run out and buy deodorant…for their husbands. Now, in an ad that still basically appeals to the same demographic, Old Spice are trying to get music fans into the mix (via Dvice).

First, you have to watch a bizarrely hypnotic video, in which a guy (Terry Crews) has sensors hooked up to his muscles on one end, and musical instruments on the other. As instruments are played, various muscles twitch and flex, as Crews barks out words. After the video ends, you’re prompt to hit the keyboard to make your own music. After a brief pause (and a cold shower for some people), hit the record button and start hitting some keys on your keyboard. Different keys correspond to different instruments and sounds (perhaps obviously), and then you can playback the thing, laugh, and then buy all the Old Spice products your wallet can afford. Ah, marketing! Try out the fun below.

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