Robots Might Take Over The Planet, But They Will Be Average DJs

Almost anything a human can do, a robot can do. Humans are being marginalized by the very machines they have created. This post might even be written by a robot – I cannot reveal my secrets. One thing that they might not dominate at (well, not YET) is DJ’ing. Watch the video of a robot arm (and JUST an arm) scratches its way to DJ-mediocrity (and joins me in the Hall of Fame). That being said, well done on the design (designed by Daito Manabe and programmed by Motoi Ishibashi)! I can barely work a toaster, yet alone build an arm to spin records. The robot I built did ‘other’ things with its arm. (It worked my toaster – get your mind out of the gutter!)

[youtube JOcVeHr3X28]

(via Gizmodo)

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