Watch! iFactory: Inside Apple

Have you heard about the Foxconn factories in Shenzhen, China? These are the factories that Apple uses to make iPhones and iPads. However, the assembly line workers get paid horrifically low wages, which was part of an investigation from ABC’s Nightline program. The workers get about $1.78 an hour to make these $500+ phones. The workers used to get about $214 a month, but that has been bumped up to $290 for junior staff, due to the recent outrage of the media coverage. And just how are these working conditions?

ABC posted their video investigation online, but only for US viewers. However, it’s up on YouTube (for now), so watch it while you can. Especially impressive is the amazing conflict of interest introduction “For the record, our parent company Disney and Apple have strong ties, our CEO sits on their board, and the Steve Jobs Trust is Disney’s largest share holder. But I only agreed to report exactly what I saw.” Because they both don’t pay your salary….

(via iPhone in Canada)

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