Morning Music Notes – He’s On (Arcade) Fire!

“Free Pussy Riot” Written in Blood Next to Murdered Russian Women

I don’t think this is what Rage Against the Machine had in mind when they wrote ‘Killing in the Name Of’. Recently prosecuted Russian band, Pussy Riot, have inspired the people….to MURDER OTHER PEOPLE. Okay, that’s totally out of context, but in Russia, a 76 year old and a 38 year old were found murdered in their apartment, with “Free Pussy Riot” written on the wall, presumably in blood (via Toronto Star).

The attorney of the band has said on Twitter “what happened in Kazan is horrible,” and the case is “either a horrendous provocation or a psychopathic” case. The attorney Nikolai Polozov added “I am sorry that some freaks are using Pussy Riot’s band name.” I’m sure Russian President Vladmir Putin has a few choice things to say about the subject.

Arcade Fire to Play Basketball for Charity

Those kids at Arcade Fire cannot get enough of basketball. Last year, singer Win Butler beat an NBA player in a 3-point shoot-out. This year, the gang returns to the Pop Montreal festival for the second annual POP vs Jock: Charity Basketball Game (via Consequence of Sound). Team Pop will be joined by the Strokes’ Nikolai Fraiture, actor Martin Starr, and pro-baller Luke Bonner.

There will be music at the game, of course, and hopefully not just those lame D-FENCE! cheers. Kid Koala, Win’s band (and life) mate Régine Chassagne, and a halftime show with Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake! David Byrne & Moment Factory. Byrne and Butler will also be chatting about Byrne’s new book, How Music Works, “in the context of their own personal and professional experiences as musicians and music lovers.”

Werner Herzog to Direct Webcast of The Killers

American Express isn’t messing around. Their recent American Express Unstaged webcast series has seen Gary Oldman direct Jack White, and Anton Corbijn direct Coldplay in Madrid. The Killers’ September 18 webcast will be directed by cult director Werner Herzog (via NME). The show will take place at the Paradise Theater in the Bronx in New York.

As far as innovative plans for filming, bassist Mark Stoermer said to Rolling Stone, “He has ideas for someone crowd-surfing with a camera on. He’s gonna put cameras on Ronnie while he’s playing drums. I think there’s gonna be an animal involved. I’m sure it will be all done the right way.”

When an animal is involved, having it ‘done the right way’ is definitely advisable. The gig will air on

Obama Crashes Reddit

No, that’s not a band (although it would be a cool name), and yes, it’s a phrase that might’ve made little sense about 4 years ago. US President Barack Obama went on news aggregate site, Reddit, yesterday to take questions from you, the people. The hour long “interview” promptly crashed the site (via Crave). In one hour, Obama answered nine questions, which would not cut it on a university exam. In all, 13,600 comments were left for the US President. I will never know if PeteHatesMusic is his favourite site.

Listen to 2 Songs from the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Singles Series

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are releasing a whack of songs that they claim you just have to hear. The series will see 18 songs over 6 months. Some fan (I’m assuming it’s a fan, but it could be an enemy trying to stifle sales) has uploaded the two latest songs in the series.

The third and fourth songs from the leftover I’m With You sessions are Magpies On Fire, and Victorian Machinery. They are your pretty standard RHCP songs, but might actually make I’m With You a little better. Take a listen and see if you agree.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Magpies On Fire

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Victorian Machinery

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