Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Baby Got Back, As Sung By Almost 300 Movie Clips

Sir Mix-A-Lot hasn’t been up to much since, well, he had that huge one hit wonder back in the 90s. Actually, that’s not true – he had an iPhone app involving big butts. The man known as Mix-A-Lot before he got knighted now has a special movie tribute to his famous Baby Got Back song. YouTube user dondrapersayswhat has stitched together 295 movie clips to sound out the lyrics to Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Baby Got Back (via Wired).

The clip is pretty well executed, and features clips from movies and shows such as Pulp Fiction, Seed of Chucky, The Naked Gun (yes!), and Full Metal Jacket (which imspired the sample Me So Horny in the song to begin with). If you turn on Closed Captioning, you can see what movies each line is from. This isn’t bad, but I’d prefer to see one exclusively from Hannah Montana movies. Time to get busy.

Baby Got Back (Sung by the Movies)

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