I Just Won £148 million – Time to Reunite Guns N’ Roses

Adrian Bayford is one lucky son of a bitch. He played Euromillions on Friday, and won….£148 million (about $233 million CDN, and American nowadays). What is he doing with this money? Whores, cocaine, vacations? Perhaps yes to all three, but his biggest goal is to reunite Guns N’ Roses (via NME). Maybe he can pay them extra to actually show up on time.

Bayford runs a music store in Paradise City Suffolk in the UK, and told the Sun newspaper that his dream is to reunite the band with his cash. Pretty sure that they’ve had bigger offers than his for full-on tours. Considering the band hate each other as much as the sensible world hates Nickelback, I’m pretty sure he stands no chance. Next on his list: reviving the Beatles and having them play on his music store’s rooftop. Good luck, Adrian – you’ll need a lot of patience. Horrible segue to “Check out Patience by G n’ R.”

Guns N’ Roses – Patience

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