Finally, a Birthday Card That Does Not SUCK – Origami Card Turns Into Shot Glass!

Birthday cards are a HUGE waste of money. They’ll set you back about $5 / £3, they will have some lame fuckin’ joke about being old or ugly, they might play some crappy music, and they will get thrown out in a matter of days. Thanks to my new favourite company, Fifty Five Hi’s, they have made a birthday card worth giving or receiving. The card has a generic greeting, until you realize that the inside of the card is a pop out portion that you can make into a paper shot glass!

Since any party worth going to will already have booze (sorry, grandpa – your party sucked!), or if the thoughtful card giver has attached a bottle of booze (hint to future card givers), now you can turn that crappy card into the first drink of the night (followed by the second, third, fourth, fifth…..). Check out a video of the best birthday card in town, and note that when you try making the origami shot glass, it will take you about twenty times longer to actually make it.

(via Gizmodo)

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