OneSec App Searches for Funding For Its One Second Video Concept

The simplest tech ideas are often the best. Think: Instagram (take a pic, add crappy colours, share it with people) or Twitter (140 characters or less to tell people about your mundane life). The second best ideas are often the flipside of an already existing idea. Think: SoundCloud is for audio what YouTube is for video. A new app called OneSec is hoping to combine these 2 principles into its Indiegogo funding project (via Dvice).

The idea is quite simple – you can use the app to take videos that are only one second in length, and share them with friends. The idea that developers Vidar Andersen and Francis Dierick had in mind was to help shorten the editing process. You can do this by stitching together a series of your one second videos to make a montage of sorts. Two problems: 1) this sort of defeats the purpose of a one second video and 2) one second is SO short. One extra second (so two total seconds, for those who are poor at math) would make all the difference in my opinion.

However, there is a lot of potential with this app. You could use it for music videos, clues for scavenger hunts, cheesy wedding montages, and so on. Check out a video of the effects of the one second video, and pop on over to their Indiegogo site if you feel like funding them.

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