iPhone Siri Spoofs Move from Comedy to Horror in this Psycho Siri Mini-Movie

I think that the iPhone 4S’ virtual assistant, Siri, is a pretty cool concept. Granted, nearly half a year after the iPhone’s launch, I barely use Siri on a day to day basis, but the concept is cool, and the potential is huge. The concept is also ripe for spoofs, many more than I anticipated. PeteHatesMusic has played several of the comedic ones. But now we have “Psycho Siri”, made by andrewmfilms (via Crave).

The premise behind this 4-minute mini-movie is that you should never, ever threaten to sell your iPhone – you might just have the one phone that will kill you if you do. The phone even chases after the owner – now that’s a mobile phone (groan!). The special effects are pretty good, and Siri should definite get a Best Actress nod. Grab some popcorn and a pillow to hide behind and watch it below.

Psycho Siri – andrewmfilms
[youtube NCkhY7gqbag]

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