Take THIS, Olympics: A Steroid Beer – Never Mind the Anabolics

Brilliant stuff out of Scotland. Scottish Brewery, BrewDog, have made a limited edition IPA that you might want to consult your doctor before drinking. Their ingredients list, if it is to be believe, contains 8 substances banned from the Olympics (via Buzz Feed).

1. Creatine
2. Guarana
3. Lycii Berries
4. Kola Nut
5. Gingko
6. Matcha Tea
7. Maca Powder
8. Steroids*

*A spokesperson has said that steroids were only brewed into the initial batch – Never Mind the Anabolics doesn’t contain any actual anabolics. WHY DID I JUST DRINK 12 OF THEM THEN?! Ah yes, I’m an alcoholic. Well, if my sales pitch hasn’t sold you, see what the Scots have to tell you in their promo video below.

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