So Long, Craigslist: Fandalism Helps You Find Bandmates Online

Have you tried to recruit a band member through Kijiji or Craigslist, only to have the person not show up, or if they DO show up, they are drunk and abusive to your cat? No one wants that guy in your band. Computer programmer and drummer, Philip “Pud” Kaplan, couldn’t find the right band member on Craigslist and decided to do something about it – he made a robotic drummer the musician database, Fandalism (via Hypebot).

Musicians (like you, not like me) enter your info, such as location, favourite genres of music to play, how much you hate Nickelback, etc. You can (and probably should) upload SoundCloud or YouTube videos of your playing skills. It acts like other social networks, in that you can follow other members, give them “props” (like a top hat?), and send them messages. The latest feature is a search (which seems like it should’ve been there from the start, no?). If you need a triangle player in Cancun, you can easily find one (assuming there IS one).

Accordingly to Hypebot’s chat with Pud, the site has grown from its 85,000 first month worldwide users to over half a million in less than a year. If you’ve got the skills that I seriously lack (in music playing, not blogging), then check it out and sign up to Fandalism. Watch a video of Pud playing a loud guitar and blocking out most of his speech.

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