Behind the Scenes for the Sights and Sounds of The Dark Knight Rises

Besides being an amazing franchise rebooted by my favourite director, Christopher Nolan, the new Batman trilogy knows a thing or two about music. The Dark Knight won an Oscar for Best Sound Editing, and was nominated for Best Sound Mixing. It also won or was nominated for various BAFTA awards. If you’ve seen the Dark Knight Rises, and want to know about the chanting theme throughout the movie, or other musical tidbits, you’ve come to the right place (for once).

The Soundworks Collection video interviews the legendary music composer, Hans Zimmer, to figure out how he does what he does, what Christopher Nolan’s role is with the sound, and what to do when you don’t have 100,000 friends. Check out a 9-minute video telling you everything (well, most things) that you wanted to know about the sounds and music of The Dark Knight Rises (via Wired). Yes, they used a weed whacker at one point. And yes, Tom Hardy’s voice was not really touched by them – Bane is supposed to sound like Darth Vader played by Sean Connery.

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