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Listen! Gorillaz/Andre 3000/James Murphy – DoYaThing

As part of the 3 Artists. One Song. campaign, somehow tied into the Converse shoe company, comes the latest collaboration, in the awesome form of Gorillaz, Andre 3000 (from Outkast) and James Murphy (from LCD Soundsystem). You can listen to the song they did, DoYaThing, and pray for a new Outkast album, a new Gorillaz album, and a new LCD Soundsystem album (in that order). You can download the song at, too. Perhaps you should buy a pair of Converse, so we can keep getting these collaborations. Damn, I fell for their trap!

Gorillaz/Andre 3000/James Murphy – DoYaThing
“Do Ya Thing” – Gorillaz ft Andre3000 & James Murphy by GorillazEcuador

Want $1000? Beat Up Chris Brown for this Website

The interestingly named website, posts a letter from Kevin Seccia who is offering $1000 for you to beat up woman-beater Chris Brown. I’m no lawyer, but I’m PRETTY sure this is illegal. This is actually covered in the letter, as Kevin met with a lawyer to see if he could get in trouble.

The rant letter has several highlights, but here is just a snippet of it: “Oh, and then he went home and tweeted this: “HATE ALL U WANT BECUZ I GOT A GRAMMY Now! That’s the ultimate FUCK OFF!”

Fuck, this guy should be in jail for his grammar alone. To clarify, Chris, when you savagely attack someone much smaller than you and get off with little to no punishment, it’s not “hating” when people dislike you. Society says you kind of have to swallow some shit for awhile.

So… 1000 bucks to the first person who pummels him. Go get it.”

I’m not endorsing this (read: I’m endorsing it) but there are not many better ways to get $1000.

A New Awards Show For Indie Awards, The Libbies

Tired of having your favourite indie artist win at the Grammys and having people wonder who the fuck they are, and why are they called Bonnie Bear? Well, now you can embrace nominees that most fellow indie fans should know at the new Libera Awards, aka the Libbies (via Digital Music News). The awards are set up by A2IM and will kick off this June.

The event will end Indie Week 2012 in New York, with the Libbies taking place on June 21. A2IM are asking indie labels for submissions. The panel is a “secret panel of indie experts”, which means the record label who pays the most. I kid, I kid. If it is well nominated and even well attended, this could turn into a boon for the indie music industry. If Chris Brown somehow goes indie and shows up, hopefully someone is there to collect their $1000.

Now in Kingston: Tragically Hip Way

The sounds of my high school and university years were the Tragically Hip, whether I liked it or not (disclaimer: for the most part, I liked it). The Canadian band from Kingston, Ontario are legendary within Canada, with 9 of their 12 albums hitting #1 in Canada, and having won 14 Juno Awards. So if you’re Kingston, how do you reward the band who have done it all? You debate furiously in City Council whether to rename a street after them (via Toronto Star).

The issue at hand was the renaming of Barrack St in Kingston, which signifies the local military history. What ended up happening was a food fight! a four block portion of the road named Tragically Hip Way, as well as council looking into establishing a Walk of Fame. That will be one exciting Walk of Fame….

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  1. krou says:

    Ummm where’s the song? All i heard was some annoying guy talking in the jungle or rainforest or something like that….

  2. pete says:

    Ya, sorry, I posted the announcement and not the song. Chalk it up to excitement!

  1. 2012/02/27

    […] rockers, The Tragically Hip, who recently had a street named after them, have announced a pair of shows on June 30 and July 1. They will play on June 30 at […]