Morning Music Notes – Happy iPhone Release Day!

So the iPhone 4S is out (or about to be out and you are waiting in line like an IDIOT!). Don’t feel bad if you’re in a line – even millionaires have to line up – Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is the first person in line at the Apple store in Los Gatos, California (via Dvice). NO ONE could’ve given him a free phone?! Steve Jobs didn’t leave him one in his will? Maybe I should’ve read the whole article, as it turns out he has received 2 phones (perhaps from the sources I suggested).

“Woz showed up on his Segway early Thursday afternoon, and plans to wait overnight until the store opens at 8 a.m. Friday. He said he would kill the time by signing autographs, answering emails on his iPad 2 and chatting online with fans from around the world. Wozniak admitted that Apple is sending him two of the phones, but says he likes to get in the trenches with all the other Apple fans.”

He drives a segway! Does he wear a cape, too?!

Steve Wozniak (via Dvice via NBC Bay Area)

Occupy Wall Street Continues

For those uninformed souls, Occupy Wall Street is NOT a rock festival. However, musicians have been showing up to the financial hood of NYC and making appears. Mr. Kanye West showed up, and now Tom Morello, guitarist supreme from Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave, has also shown up. If I were my bookie I wouldn’t cut off Pete’s fingers, HINT HINTI would’ve had Morello at the top of my list of people who would’ve shown up (ignore the fact that he showed up at the event in Los Angeles already). The guy has a degree in Political Science from the little known school called HARVARD. A guitar god AND brains – ladies? Morello now performs under his ‘political alter-ego’, the Nightwatchman. Via Billboard:

“Wearing a cap bearing the words “Solidarity Forever,” Morello opened with “The Fabled City” from his 2008 Nightwatchman album of the same name. Guitarist Carl Restivo, Morello’s bandmate from Street Sweeper Social Club, joined in the four-song set, which within minutes evolved into a peaceful hootenanny against the backdrop of big buildings and metal gates. Following a stripped-down version of “Save the Hammer for the Man,” a duet he recorded with Ben Harper, Morello continued to engage the group in bursts of expression.”

“The Guthrie classic “This Land Is Your Land” came next, and Morello strapped on a harmonica for his Nightwatchman closer, “World Wide Rebel Songs,” which got the crowd jumping.

“Together we sing,” Morello instructed the crowd with a smile. “Loudly.” Most of the spectators wielded some form of camera or phone to capture this latest musician to appear on behalf of Occupy Wall Street.

Check out footage of Morello at Occupy Wall Street.

[youtube iNQL0z9XSc4]

For those who were late to the Rage Against the Machine scene, they were a pretty politically active group themselves. They even teamed with documentary maker Michael Moore for the music video Sleep Now in the Fire, which actually shut down Wall Street during the trading day! Oh, the pre-9/11 days! Check it out below.

Rage Against the Machine – Sleep Now in the Fire
[youtube w211KOQ5BMI]

Google to Ready MP3 Store

To quote Adele (and who doesn’t like to do that?), ‘rumour has it’ that Google are bankrupt! about to launch their own MP3 store (via SlashGear).

Currently, many Android phone users use Amazon to get MP3s onto their phone. A Google MP3 store would be a logical competiting point.

“The new rumor is something different from the Google Music service and would be a direct sales store. This one rumor is not hard to believe though with Google already selling books and movies. Adding music is something that I am surprised hasn’t happened already.”

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