Friday Afternoon Funnies: Kickstarter is a Scam

Kickstarter is one of those web ideas that I love, I blog about a lot, but perhaps deep down, I think it’s crap. I never have and likely never will donate to it. I don’t care about the useless items I’ll get for my varying degrees of money spent. I do enjoy seeing the crazy ideas (mixed in with a lot of garbage ideas), but to me it’s almost like a fantasy world, where ideas go to die. And who better to spoof a fantasy world than the Onion?

Satire pros, the Onion, have done an exposé on the “scam” behind Kickstarter. They point out that the “FBI estimates 94% of Kickstarter Projects Complete Shit” and undertake a full study in their video below. So while I’ll continue to blog about the innovative gems I come across on Kickstarter, a small part of me will think of the truths in this video, which I present as part of it deserves a better name sometime before you die your Friday Afternoon Funnies.

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