Friday Afternoon Funnies – Jay Pharoah’s I Am A Dog (Kanye West “I Am A God” Parody)

Poor Kanye West – it’s lonely at the top. Constant media mockery and paparazzi harassment. Don’t we all know that he is a God? He even has a song about that, titled I Am A God. Note: it’s actually a really good song with an awesome beat. But with a song like that, he’s inviting parody, and Jay Pharoah took him up on the offer.

Jay Pharoah - I Am a Dog via YouTube screen cap
The Saturday Night Live actor and stand up comic does a great job adopting the Kanye West flow in his track titled I Am A Dog. He even acts the part. I’m sure the transition was ‘ruff’. Yup, I went there. Check out the canine-themed raps, in the style of Kanye West, in this week’s edition of Friday Afternoon Funnies. Enjoy your long weekend (assuming you get one).

Jay Pharoah: I Am A Dog (Kanye West “I Am A God” Parody)

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