Friday Afternoon Funnies Part 1: An Achievement in Video Editing and Animal Cruelty in One Video

We all love cute animal videos (right?!). Those are the ones that often win the top prize on those Home Video shows. Sure, most of them are staged, or have taken dozens of hours of re-creating forced scenes, and take tons of video editing to get the 5 second clip, but you have created a viral clip, which makes it all worthwhile, right? What the people don’t realize is they don’t get that day of their lives back.

The latest in the line of “forcing my pet to do something against its will” video clips involves a DJ’ing cat. Not only is this cat behind the turntable, but he is dressed up – in human clothes! Oh, the originality! He has the chains, the backwards hat – and probably the street cred (that I severely lack). What happens when you throw a cat behind a turntable, manipulate his movements, add a club soundtrack, and edit the hell out of the video? You actually get a relatively comical video.

Enjoy your Friday Afternoon Funnies – Part 1. We found another great video to share with you shortly.

[youtube wDedomXHElA]

(via Gizmodo)

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