Listen! Arêtes – I’m So Sober

I had this band flagged in my Inbox, but somehow missed writing about them. While they stared at their empty inbox, waiting for a reply from the man that can make or break a band (note: that’s me – withhold your laughter), I had actually enjoyed their stuff but not let them (or the world) know. Better late than never? Perhaps not in the Internet world, but here is my attempt to make amends.

Arêtes are a 7-piece band from Belfast and London. They make what they like to call dream-punk folktronica, which sounds like several made up words and genres. The sound that caught my ears is a song title which I cannot say without it being a lie – I’m So Sober, which features Binisa Bonner. They have a 4-song EP called Gods, which you can check out at their SoundCloud page.

Aretes Gods EP

The song is a lush song of various subtle layers of sound trying to get in, with a slow tempo, led by some nice vocals (I’m assuming by Binisa). In the meantime, make your ears happy and check out I’m So Sober.

Arêtes – I’m So Sober
I’m So Sober (featuring Binisa Bonner) by Arêtes

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