Morning Music Notes – Facebook is Helping Weed Out The Idiots

This Sounds Like Fun: Fans at Franz Ferdinand Show Sprayed With Tear Gas

As I gear up to see Franz Ferdinand at the Field Day Festival in London this Saturday, I do not want a similar thing to happen to me. Franz Ferdinand fans in Sao Paulo, Brazil were sprayed with tear gas to stop them from breaking a fence around the perimeter of the venue at a concert (via Gigwise). Since it’s hard to target exactly who you want with tear gas, and there’s this invisible thing called “wind”, thousands of innocent fans felt the effects of the few people that decided to be idiots. The show was free, and people started to push to try and get into the show, hence the troubles. So to people walking by Victoria Park this weekend and that hear Franz Ferdinand and decide they want to see the show, do not take down any fences – tear gas is bad for my hair.

Ween Breaks Up

Festival stalwarts, Ween, are done after twenty five years (via Rolling Stone). Aaron Freeman aka Gene Ween has called it a day, telling Rolling Stone, “It’s time to move on. I’m retiring Gene Ween.”

He started the band with a friend who he met in 8th grade, Mickey Melchiondo (Dean Ween). Freeman said there is no animosity towards his fellow band members which means there is definitely animosity. Freeman recently released a solo effort called Marvelous Clouds.

Why You’ve Got to Love the Internet: Girl Posts Picture of Lots of Cash on Facebook. Girl Gets House Broken Into

There’s been a rash of crime in England the past few years involving football players. When they are away in mainland Europe playing their away Champions League fixtures, people break into their homes. Now a little more high tech and a little less innocent than that comes this Facebook story. A 17 year old Australian girl was helping her grandmother count her savings, which of course was kept under her bed mattress. The girl took a picture of the “large sum of cash” and posted it to Facebook (via Gizmodo). The picture was posted at 4pm. 7.5 hours later, 2 masked men broken into the girl’s house.

This tells you that a) you shouldn’t check in or post locations of pictures on Facebook b) Facebook is helping weed out the idiots and c) this girl needs new Facebook friends. Presumably the photo was public, but it is unclear how the robbers pinpointed her exact address (unless they knew the girl. Maybe it was her grandma! Actually, that makes no sense). Luckily, the image wasn’t posted from her home, so the large chunk of grandma’s savings was untouched.

Listen! Big Boi and Theophilus London (feat. TRE LUCE) – She Said OK

We recently revealed that the new Big Boi album is going to be called Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors. Not too long after, we get a free download from Big Boi and Theophilus London called She Said OK. With a chorus and opening refrain that goes “Let me see your titties, let me see your titties, she said ok”, how can you NOT listen to this song? Also, the song is one half of Outkast, so if we’re not getting Outkast, then half of Outkast is not a bad substitute. We also get references to Shaquille O’Neal from the free throw line and “My legs feel like Joe from Family Guy because she got insane head”, you’d be a fool not to listen to the slow groove that is She Said OK by Big Boi and Theophilus London (feat. TRE LUCE).

Watch! Florence + the Machine – Spectrum (Calvin Harris Remix)

Florence + the Machine have been remixed by Scottish remixer (new word) Calvin Harris, of Rihanna’s We Found Love fame. The song will be on the new single, which is out on July 8. We get a new video for Spectrum from Florence later on today, so check back here for that. As for this remix, it’s definitely not a stretch to turn the pulsating and driving rhythms of a Florence + the Machine song into a big club remix, and this remix definitely shows that Florence’s vocals can carry a dance floor hit. Check it out below.

Florence + the Machine – Spectrum (Calvin Harris Remix)

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