Infographic Time: What Would You Give Up for The Internet?

Crazy to think that in my lifetime, there was no Internet, the very thing I spend many hours wasting away on. But now I’m addicted – I need instant news and hilarious cat videos any time and ALL the time. The “lovely” people at telecommunication giant, Rogers, recently did a survey to see what people would give up for the Internet or how they value it. Some people value it more than electricity or water. YOU NEED ELECTRICITY TO WORK A COMPUTER TO GET ON THE INTERNET! Oh, and you need to water to, you know, LIVE.

Check out the survey results and wonder what you would give up (via iPhone in Canada).

what would you give up for the internet

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1 Response

  1. Darryl says:

    Hilarious! But, OBVIOUSLY, you can access the internet from your battery-powered cell phone…….