Lana Del Rey Has the #2 Album, Lots of Digital Sales, and Crying Male Fans

Lana Del Rey has had much more press than usual of late. Her panned Saturday Night Live performance, her redeeming David Letterman performance, and the release of her debut album, have all let to a fury of posts and opinions on the young singer. So how did her debut album do? Born to Die landed Lana Del Rey the number 2 spot on Billboard, behind – who else – Adele, who sits at 1 for the 19th (non-consecutive) week (via Hollywood Reporter). Lana Del Rey sold 77,000 copies, while Adele sold 122,000, which makes me wonder – who are these 122,000 people, buying the album ages after it has come out?

Amazingly, of the 77,000 albums Lana sold, a massive 74% of these were digital copies. That tells you something about the ever-changing fan base, or the laziness of Lana’s fans.

And speaking of Lana’s fans, the singer had a Meet and Greet in Hollywood, where fans got to get their picture taken with her, and even hug her. One fan was so excited and moved by his meeting with Lana Del Rey that he did what most adult men do, and he cried! At least no one caught it on camera – oh wait a minute, the exact opposite of that happened. Well, at least it won’t make it onto the internet – oh wait, I’m running the video below (via Buzz Feed). Enjoy.

[youtube SC6ilDfH_GM]

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