Make Your Ears Happy – Summer 2018

School is back in, people are back to work, so I guess that means I gotta blog again, right? Instead of “working” this summer, I was cheering England onto the World Cup semi finals, and singing about Football Coming Home about 100 times too many.

Interpol Marauder album cover

However, I’ve been diligently adding songs to the PHM Spotify playlist. Instead of a bunch of short playlists each summer month, I’ve rolled them up into one big one. We have 26 tunes (almost 2 hours), including a handful of covers (Spice Girls, Tragically Hip), the usual Canadian content, and some of the best indie artists you don’t know yet.

Check out the summer playlist below, and our 2018 Master Playlist on Spotify, and give it a follow, and enjoy almost 100 tracks to date.

Make Your Ears Happy – Summer 2018


Master Playlist in Spotify

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