Stream! Paul and Linda McCartney – RAM (entire album)

No, Linda McCartney has not been resurrected and is making new music with her husband, Paul McCartney. Wait, would they still technically be married if she came back to live, since he is re-married? Is this even worth pondering? Anyway, Paul McCartney is annoyed at the possibility of that twerp Bono catching him as the richest musician, so he’s be re-issuing his back catalogue. The latest album from over 40 years ago to get the treatment is RAM, which was originally out in May 1971. The album is not Wings, and it’s not solo Paul – it’s Paul and Linda McCartney. The album was Paul’s second post-Beatles album (after McCartney), and included the hit Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey. According to Paul McCartney’s Twitter, there are RAM-related ads and stuff all over the London Tube today. Since I’m still scared of leaving my flat, I guess I won’t see the ads until people post pictures on Twitter.

Listen to the classic album below, and then throw your money at Sir Paul and own the album forever.

(via Drowned in Sound)

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