More Things You Shouldn’t Open Your Beers With (From iPods to Axes)

When I want a beer, I simply yell at whatever hobos are under the bridge with me, and I usually find one. Sure, it might’ve been in the sun the past couple of months, but beer is beer. What’s not beer is spilled beer – forget crying over spilled milk, beer is what you should be crying over. We previously showed you a pocket cannon that obliterated a beer bottle for no real reason. We also showed you the awesome old man who opened a beer with a chainsaw. We now have Chris Sumers and Adam Young, who decide a bottle opener is SOOO 20th century.

These guys use a) belly buttons b) iPods c) pizza d) wheelchairs and e) their hearts during open heart surgery (not true!) to open beer bottles. How many belly buttons were harmed during filming? Watch the montage of insanity below (and try this at home, as long as you don’t sue me for telling you to try. Actually, I’m scared of lawyers – don’t try this at home).

(via Gizmodo)

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  1. 2012/06/25

    […] guys in this next video are an example of type #2. We’ve already seen a load of different ways to open your beer here at PHM. Why limit the creativity to just opening your beer? The guys in this clip have gone a […]