Morning Music Notes – 901 Million More People Are On Facebook Each Month Compared to PeteHatesMusic

New Beach Boys Album out on June 5

Yesterday, we let you preview a track from the upcoming 50th anniversary tribute album to the Beach Boys. Not one for tributes (I’m making this up, they might actually LOVE tributes), the Beach Boys have decided to write an album of their own. The Beach Boys are set to release a NEW album on June 5 (via Consequence of Sound). This is the first album from all of the surviving members of the gang since 1995, when they released Stars and Stripes Vol. 1. You know you’ve been around for awhile when the term “surviving members” comes into play. Check out the video snippet below, which has a bit of the lead single, ”That’s Why God Made the Radio”. I’m curious about the remix, ”That’s Why God Made the Internet” (note: this MIGHT not exist).

The Highest Selling Vinyl on Record Store Day in the UK Is…..

…Noel Gallagher?! Despite hearing about great records, such as the bizarro Flaming Lips collaboration record, the new Arctic Monkeys vinyl, and tons more, Noel Gallagher has risen to the top in the UK, with his new EP ‘Songs From The Great White North’ (via NME). Arctic Monkeys finished second with R U Mine?, while the “We’re Not Playing the London Olympics” Sex Pistols re-release of Anarchy in the UK was third in the record charts. Early numbers show that vinyl sales are up about 50% over last year’s Record Store Day, with some stores reporting numbers that are double from last year. This report sounds entirely scientific.

Facebook Has Almost a Billion Monthly Users

Facebook won’t stop growing – my back hair has the same problem. Facebook has more than 900 million monthly users, which is a massive 33% more than last year. Out of the 901 million users, 526 million use the site every single day, with most none of them visiting the PeteHatesMusic Facebook page (via Digital Trends). The 526 million daily users is up 41% from last year. A large number of the visitors use the mobile app – 488 million. There’s nothing better than seeing who is playing Farmville while standing in line to get groceries. Oh, and those Like buttons and comments? 3.2 billion Likes and comments EVERY DAY.

Watch! The Big Pink – Lose Your Mind

The Big Pink recently released sophomore album, Future This, with a couple of strong first singles and videos. The latest effort from the album is Lose Your Mind, which is how I feel whenever Glee covers a favourite song of mine. Who am I kidding – they’re ALL my favourites! Listen to the sometimes vocally distorted sounds of Lose Your Mind below.

The Big Pink – Lose Your Mind

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    […] Beach Boys announced that they were coming out with a new album, their first in nearly 2 decades with the full (surviving) line up, on their 50th year together, no […]

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    […] at PHM, we told you a couple of months ago about The Beach Boys reuniting to make a new album called That’s Why God Made the […]