Watch! The Beach Boys – That’s Why God Made the Radio (new version)

It’s the first day of summer here in Canada. I assume it’s that way across the northern hemisphere (have a good winter southern hemisphere!) and to celebrate, PeteHatesMusic brings you a new video from a band whose sound has become synonymous with the summertime, The Beach Boys.

Here at PHM, we told you a couple of months ago about The Beach Boys reuniting to make a new album called That’s Why God Made the Radio.

We also let you take a look at a cutesy, cartoon-y video for the nostalgia-tinged first single, also called That’s Why God Made the Radio. That particular video looked like it was designed for preschool television aimed at teaching kids to read, and was really just a promo for the new record.

Now the folks at the record company have made a proper, new video for the song, one aimed at the youth market no doubt and aging hipsters recalling their youth. As you can imagine, the vid is set around the beach-area and looks more like a GAP/Old Navy commercial than anything, with young people looking stylish and having fun. The actual Beach Boys show up for a brief moment at the video’s end. I feel bad for Brian Wilson, I think he knows musical geniuses have better things to do than high-five paid actors in promo-clips. The song itself personifies the summer sound, so enjoy the video and the upcoming warm season.

The Beach Boys – That’s Why God Made the Radio (new version)

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