But Can You Play Riffs In Under 12 Parsecs? Introducing the Star Wars Millennium Falcon Guitar

Man, I really didn’t want to write THAT nerdy a headline, but I needed some kind of attempted Star Wars humour. I have failed you for the last time, Admiral. Pete – STOP TYPING ALREADY. So have you heard of this Star Wars phenomenon sweeping the galaxy planet? There’s a pretty cool and very odd looking spaceship flown by Han Solo called the Millennium Falcon. What if you turned your guitar into a playable Millennium Falcon guitar – would you be a super nerd or super cool? This is what Tom Bingham did, and he has a whole collection of Star Wars-inspired instruments (via The Huffington Post).

Not only does it look cool, but it’s fully functional. In the video below, Tom says “”I look at the whole world as if it can be turned into a guitar. If I can get a neck on it and hide the electrics then I create it.” Tom’s creations are being displayed as art in Corby, Northamptonshire in the UK.

Check out Tom in his element below, and wish you were friends with him (if only so you can borrow his guitars).

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Guitar

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