Over $1 Million in iPad Minis Stolen in New York Airport Heist

Not quite sure how this happened – it sort of sounds like a heist movie. 3,600 iPad Minis were stolen from JFK airport in New York City. Street value: a cool $1.5 million (via Tech Crunch). The location where the shipment was stolen from is apparently the same spot where $5 million in cash and $900,000 in jewelry were taken in 1978. Sounds like a lucky place.

Police suspect an inside job, which is pretty much the most obvious conclusion. Oddly enough, all of the thieves were wearing Samsung jackets. Will you be one of the lucky 3,600 who won’t get their Christmas gift in time? Be careful when buying an iPad without a receipt off of eBay. Be especially careful when buying one in a gas station, too.

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  1. 2012/11/19

    […] these days – more thefts should be called heists, as it sounds more epic. Remember the great iPad Mini Heist of 2012? A man has been arrested in relation to the heist because he is a moron. The FBI arrested Renel […]