You Know You’re No Good at Texting and Walking When You Almost WALK INTO A BEAR!

I’ll admit it – I am a virgin I text and walk. Despite PHM posting evidence with people falling down stairs, or even people falling off piers while texting, we still do it. This most recent example might change a few people’s minds – a man in a California neighbourhood almost walks RIGHT INTO A BEAR when texting and walking (via Geekologie). The video below is courtesy of footage from a news helicopter, who was doing a news piece on the bear. Apparently the bear is an excellent film critic. Watch the awesome reaction of the texter below.

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  1. 2012/04/25

    […] the perils of texting and walking, be it that you fall down some stairs on live television, almost walk into a bear, or fall off a dock and need to get rescued. Yet, people keep doing it. Hey, we’re a busy […]