More Texting/Talking and Walking Dangers: Walking into Giant Sinkholes

We here at PeteHatesMusic generally care about the well being of our readers, as well as the other 7 billion people on this planet. We have told you the perils of texting and walking, be it that you fall down some stairs on live television, almost walk into a bear, or fall off a dock and need to get rescued. Yet, people keep doing it. Hey, we’re a busy planet.

The latest in a long line of people nearly weeding themselves off of the planet’s genetic make up is a girl who was talking on her mobile and walking, and then fell into a sinkhole. Actually, this isn’t as bad as it seems – at least on the phone you are looking where you are going, although your perception and reaction times are down. Also, the sidewalk had no signage from what I could tell, and not much general warning. So basically, I’m showing you a video of a girl falling into a hole, and it’s not really her fault. So ignore the preamble and watch the news report.

(via Telegraph)

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