Morning Music Notes – Texting and Walking on a Pier? Sounds Safe to Me!

Non-News Story of the Day: Black Keys Sort of Say Nickelback Aren’t The WORST Band Ever

Are we so desperate for controversy in the entertainment industry that we’ll try and squeeze water out of every stone (or however the hell that expression, which I might have made up, goes)? If you recall, the awesomeness that are the Black Keys said that the crappiness that are Nickelback are, well, crap. Patrick Carney has now said that there are “worst bands than Nickelback” (via Billboard). That’s like me saying there are things that smell worse than shit.

“I don’t like bad music, but look, I’ve got a lot of friends and not one of them has a Nickelback record. I’m not a small minority” said Patrick Carney. Very true. The band said they’d avoid Chad Kroeger at any awards shows, as he’d probably punch them in the face. Clearly Patrick wasn’t thinking – Nickelback would NEVER get nominated for an award.

Another Walking and Texting Victim: Women Falls Off a Pier

As we continue to advance technologically, Darwinism is still at work. How? People walking and texting seem to be doing awesome things, like falling down the stairs at the CBC. And while we try to invent solutions to continue to let us live dangerously, texting and walking has injured another human. A woman named Bonnie Miller fell into a river connected to Lake Michigan as she tried walking on a pier and texting (via Digital Trends). Now her BFF will never know what happened in last week’s episode of Desperate Housewives (spoiler alert: it featured women in their 50s doing their best to look 30 – and failing).

The women fell into about 6 feet of water, and her husband and another bystander jumped in the water to save her. The police had to come – all from a woman sending a text! – to use a flotation device to guide her to a ladder get back onto the pier. Digital Trends points out that a Stony Brook University study shows that people veer by about a 60% deviation when texting and walking. It also slows people about 33% from reaching their destination. So why do we a) increase our risk of injury and b) slow ourselves down, just to text? Because we can!

In case you don’t think it’s dangerous, or don’t know the etiquette, check out this information video below (which is not as funny as it could be).

Life is Tough for a Bono Impersonator

Bono from U2 is not popular in some parts of the world, and not just for releasing crappy records for the past decade. The Irish band moved their company from Ireland to Holland, in order to pay less tax on things such as royalties. Breitbart reporter Jason Mattera thought he walked into a dream interview with the U2 singer, and was trying to nail him with career making questions. The problem was – it wasn’t Bono, it was an impersonator (via Digital Music News). So while “Bono” appeared to be dodging the questions, he was in fact answering truthfully. Apparently the video has been taken down from, but you can see it below.

Megaupload Users Targeted With Fake Lawsuits

If you’ve used downloading service Megaupload illegally, don’t be scared by any potential lawsuits you may receive – chances are, they are like Hollywood breasts – they are fake (via Digital Trends). The fake “Dr. Kroner and colleagues” from Munich are telling you that you can escape 10,000 euros in fines by settling for 147 euros. The lawsuit outlined fake IP addresses and time stamps, but doesn’t list the files you (might have) downloaded. If you fell for this, I have a friend in Nigeria who needs some money wired to him, as his wallet was stolen….

Stream! Daniel Rossen – Silent Hour / Golden Mile EP

You might have already heard Grizzly Bear’s Daneil Rossen’s song, Silent Song here on PHM. You might have also heard Saint Nothing. Or you might have skipped over both and done something less important with you life. Instead of regret, you can make up for those past mistakes, and stream the entire new EP from Daniel Rossen over at If you like the Silent Hour / Golden Mile EP, grab it, as it’s out right now.

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  1. 2012/05/25

    […] I’ve included a bonus video. A lot of accidents happen when you text and walk, such as falling off piers, almost walking into bears, and falling down stairs on live television. Now, I don’t know if […]

  2. 2012/08/03

    […] not guilty of walking and texting – I try and do it less now – but I’ve never fallen off of a pier, fallen down the stairs on live TV, or almost walked into a bear while […]