Apparently Even Batman Needs a License Plate

Most things Batman related are good enough for this site. When you have low standards, you let anything slide. In Silver Spring, Maryland, there is a Batman imposter (OR the real deal, who was chased out of Gotham at the end of The Dark Knight). This Maryland Batman drives a Lamborghini – Bruce Wayne is super rich after all. But this Batmobile is missing a proper rear license plate, and that is an offense, as witnessed by the police pulling over the Batmobile (via Geekologie). Just throw your Batarang at them and speed away – you’re BATMAN!

batman-pulled-over (Photo Credit via CBSDC via MCPD)

“After verifying that the man owned the vehicle police let him off with just a warning so that he could go do good in the community. As it turns out, the super hero was on his way to visit sick children in a local hospital.” If I’m Batman, you’re damn right I’m going to say I’m on my way to the hospital. He was probably going to get drive thru.

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