8-Bit Pale Ale: A Beer for Video Gamers (and all other alcoholics)

There are a lot of niche and quirky beers out there, and now there’s a new one in the mix. Tallgrass Brewing Co. has an 8-bit Pale Ale (with a possible copyright-infringing Pac Man lookalike on the can) for those gamers who like to drink (via Technabob). Hell, for anyone who likes to drink. So if you’re having problems “shooting straight”, down a few 8-bit beers and pass out on the couch completely, and don’t worry about getting killed in Call of Duty – that game is for sober people.

8-bit (via TallGrassBeer.com)

Check out an awesomely lame video for the 8-Bit Pale Ale below. Yes, beer gives you super powers, like an enlarged stomach, and the desire to talk to other people. Bonus points to the brewers for referencing the “Konami Code” on their website (nerds, you know what I’m talking about).

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