Infographic Time! Check Out The Artists Shared the Most on Twitter

Logic would tell you (or at least me) that the more radio friendly and commercial you are, the more followers and fans you have on social sites, and the more often you are likely to be shared on Twitter. You are also more likely to have a lot of cash money, and zero critically acclaimed albums. Social music service, Serendip, has analysed data from YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, and others, to determine who the most shared artists are on Twitter (via Hypebot). A six month study period was used, with over 114 million music-related tweets of data being examined.

And nothing sums up information in a more interesting manner than an infographic! Interesting finds are that London, England is the city that shared the most songs, Thursday is the least likely day someone would share a song, and One Direction are sort of ruling a lot of the planet. Check it out below.

artists shared on twitter (via Serendip)

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