More Google Streetview Fun – Google Goes to the Amazon Rainforest and Thailand

Regular readers (all one of you) will know that PHM likes to feature cool Google Streetview initiatives, such as Google Trainview, Google Ocean View (in the Great Barrier Reef), or Google Caveview (in the caves of Japan) (all names unofficial, but logical in my demented mind). The latest cool thing that Google is doing are mapping out the Amazon rainforest and Thailand (post-Monsoon).

You can walk through a large developed community in the Amazon, check out the Rio Negro river (note the boat ripples behind the boat) or most awesomely, walk through the rainforest itself. Check out the embedded map link below (via Digital Trends).

Google Streetview in the Amazon

View Larger Map

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  1. 2012/04/04

    […] Streetview gets to go everywhere. Great Barrier Reef. The Amazon. Japanese Caves. The Swiss Alps. Next up: The White House in Washington D.C. (via […]