Listen! Sigur Rós – Ekki Múkk

Earlier today, we told you that Sigur Rós had named their 6th studio album Valtari. Well now we can let you listen to one of the tracks from Valtari, called Ekki Múkk.

The album is out on May 28 in the UK and the following day in North America, because Iceland dislikes North America (not true, so don’t spread any rumours and get me banned from Iceland). You can listen to it in the SoundCloud player below, or if you like pretty still videos, you can watch the video below and add to their view count that way. I’m just a man (barely) who is giving you options.

Sigur Rós – Ekki Múkk

Sigur Rós – Ekki múkk from Sigur Rós on Vimeo.

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