Morning Music Notes – You Have a Self-Driving Car, and You Pick Taco Bell As Your Destination?!

Coldplay to Release DVD of their Mylo Xyloto Tour

We saw Coldplay back at the Emirates Stadium in London in June, and it was one of the most memorable shows in years. Realizing that the glowing Xylobands they gave everyone in attendance made for an incredible visual experience, the band have decided to release a DVD with live footage from shows in Montreal, Paris, and Glastonbury (via Consequence of Sound).

The DVD, Live 2012, will be shown on the premium TV network EPIX on November 17, as well as the EPIX website and mobile apps. The CD/DVD will be released on November 20, conveniently when their new single, Hurts Like Heaven, is also out. You sly dogs. Check out a trailer for the DVD below. The aerial shots of the Xylobands are quite brilliant.

iPhone and iPad Theft Up 40% Last Year in New York City

Crime in New York City?! Get the fuck outta here. Apparently it exists, and the theft of Apple devices increased 40% in the last year in New York City (via Crave). Up until September 23 this year, the New York City police said a total of 11,447 Apple devices were reported stolen. This is a sharp increase from 3,280 in all of 2011. Much like the marketplace, theft of other (non-Apple) products has decreased. That’s how RIM should market their next Blackberry. “Buy a Blackberry ’cause no one will steal it.”

Police have set up stations in select stores so that you can register your serial number of the device, along with your name and contact infomation (which is somewhat useless if your phone is stolen). The NYPD have also been running sting operations to catch people flipping stolen iPhones. They pose as prospective buyers, then catch the bastards who stole your phone. There’s even a cheesy PSA to teach you how not to use your devices in public. Nice ‘hey!’, lady.

California Senator Signs Self-Driving Car Bill

Google, the search engine company with their fingers in every pot, are one step closer to having their self-driving cars all over California. Jerry Brown, the Governor of California, has signed a bill that “allows driverless cars to be operated on public roads for testing purposes, provided that each vehicle has a full licensed and bonded operator in the driver’s seat to take control if necessary” (via Tech Crunch). Brown visited Google’s Mountain View headquarters and went for a ride in one of the company’s self-driving cars. I won’t make an easy Apple Maps joke, but I’m glad that Apple isn’t currently working on a self-driving car with their new map system.

If you haven’t seen it in action yet, check out a video from earlier this year. Incredible stuff, including a nice plug for Taco Bell.

Watch! Dum Dum Girls – Lord Knows

One of the standout tracks from the Dum Dum Girls new EP, End of Daze, is Lord Knows. The track now has an official video, which features lots of shadowy shots and religious imagery. There will be blood. Check it out below.

Dum Dum Girls – Lord Knows

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