Google Ocean View? Google Goes to the Great Barrier Reef

We have Google Street View and Google Earth, which you hopefully know about. If not, “google” it and be prepared to waste the better part of your life day. PeteHatesMusic then posted about Google Train View. Why ride a train when you can do it virtually? The latest development was the recent Google Cave View, not an official name, but it was the amazing photography in caves in Japan. And now the next adventure in Google awesomeness? Australia’s Great Barrier Reef (via Gizmodo).

Preliminary surveys have begun with the Google / University of Queensland / Caitlin Group team, called The Caitlin Seaview Survey. Images will be in 360 degrees, so you can save your scuba diving money and sit at home and virtually experience the world. That’s what life is about, right?

The group is also hoping to make it “educational” (boring!), and study the migration habits of green turtles, tiger sharks, and manta rays to see if global warming has impacted them. Note: global warming is a myth! You can check YouTube for videos of the study as they become available, and Google Street View should be posting images as of today.

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