Morning Music Notes – Despite Billions Sold, The Beatles Fight Piracy

Music Matters with The Beatles

Music piracy is an unstoppable, spiraling giant. However, the Beatles think they can throw their weight behind a UK anti-piracy messages. Not sure it will help, but the effort is admirable. In 2010, the Music Matters campaign was launched, and it seeks to engage with music fans directly. It has been supported by major UK music retailers. The Beatles have allowed several of their many, many, many hits to feature in the short video below.

[youtube K0_MeHq8o-o]

Update: Kiss are NOT Playing the Michael Jackson Tribute Concert

Well, that was fast. Promoters for the Michael Jackson Tribute concert must read this (and many other) websites, and learned that Gene Simmons from Kiss wasn’t writing MJ love poetry – he was slamming his character. Kiss have been removed from the Michael Jackson Tribute concert amid controversy of his pedophilia comments about Michael Jackson (via Guardian). Fans can pull out their cassettes if they want to listen to a band past its hey dey.

Google+ Invites Being Blocked on Facebook?

A video was posted yesterday by a Google employee demonstrating that his friends’ Facebook news feeds would show his regular status updates but would exclude one’s with a link to Google+ (via Slash Gear). Ah, sneaky devils! All is fair is love and er, social network competitions.

“The video was subsequently linked to by Google senior VP Vic Gundotra, who asked on Google+ whether others were experiencing this same problem. He notes that the company was “getting reports” from other users of this behavior. This, of course, sparked speculation that Facebook may be intentionally blocking Google+ related posts.

“However, Facebook disagrees and has responded saying that the company could not duplicate the same problem as depicted in the video. The company also noted that they have display-filtering technology that help prevent spam and thus could exclude certain links from re-appearing on a user’s news feed if it had previously been posted several times.”

I have 150 invites, talk to me – don’t scour Facebook looking for invites!

Make Your Ears Happy: Download some tunes from Okkervil River

The website that keeps giving (that’s this one, baby) has a few goodies for you to listen to or download this morning. Austin, Texas indie band, Okkervil River released their latest album, I Am Very Far, back in May. The album hit #32 in the US and #66 in the UK. The band have offered up a song (Your Past Life As a Blast) from this album, which you can check out or download here. As a bonus, PHM has also thrown up (we threw up?!) first single, Wake and Be Fine.

Okkervil River – Your Past Life As A Blast
Okkervil River – Wake And Be Fine

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