Morning Music Notes – Stalking Made Easier, Thanks to Facebook and Ticketmaster

Do We Care Anymore: Grammys Announce Host, Coldplay/Rihanna Duet

The Grammys take place on Sunday February 12 in Los Angeles, and will have a host for the first time in 8 years. The host will be LL Cool J. Wait, is this 1992? One of the first performers were announced – Rihanna will do a duet with Coldplay. I hope they do Wing Beneath My Wings! Odds are, however, they will play Princess of China, the duet on Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto album (via Gigwise). But you never know! Actually, I just read Rihanna’s Twitter, so now I DO know (and knowing is half the battle. The other half – to be determined).

Ticketmaster and Facebook Continue to Get Into Bed Together

If you’ve bought a ticket on Ticketmaster lately, you’ll have noticed that you can see hundreds of people that you don’t know who are also attending. Oh, that girl looks cute – maybe I should stalk befriend her. Since Facebook has started listening parties and streaming services with Spotify and Rdio, there is more data available – data that Ticketmaster wants to use. Now, based on your recent listening activities, Ticketmaster can recommend concerts in your area of bands that you are listening to (via Tech Crunch). Very Big Brother, but also the next stage in complete integration, and a necessary in today’s digital age.

As you might know, you are also currently able to see on Facebook which of your friends are going to the concert, and actually where they are sitting (again, GREAT for stalking). So snuggle up near that crush of yours and pull the “Oh, I didn’t know you were going to be here! I LOVE Arcadia Fire, too!”

How Internet Addition and Cocaine Addiction Are Similar: They are both found in me

If you are addicted to coke, alcohol, pot, I want to be your friend and the internet, your brain chemistry changes in the same way (via Dvice). “The study revealed patterns of ‘abnormal white matter’ in the brains of those with Internet Addiction Disorder, in comparison to the control group of 16 non-addicts. White matter areas are full of nerve fibers that help transmit signals around the brain, including information involving emotions, decision-making and self-control. Those particular parts of the brain were the ones found affected by abnormal white matter. These findings were consistent with the abnormal white matter found in the brains of addicts, be it to alcohol, cocaine or other control drugs.”

So there you have it – you’re no better off being addicted to the Internet than drugs. Nowhere is safe!

Merry Christmas – I Hope You Like Clay iPads?!

Oh, what a scam! Some one or group of people bought a series of iPads at major Canadian retailers, but replaced the iPads in the package with CLAY, weighing the same as the iPad 2 (via Digital Trends). The stores, which included Best Buy, Future Shop, Walmart, and London Drugs, then put the packages back on the shelf, and people bought these clayPads (?) unwilling. What the fuck, Santa?!

In a hilarious fashion, the first guy who returned the clay model was thought to be a scammer himself! Like, who would believe that someone bought an iPad package filled with clay rather than an iPad 2?! “Mark Sandhu, the first customer to bring the modeling-clay switch to Future Shop’s attention, was initially treated like a scammer himself. Apple, the local police and Future Shop initially refused to listen to the odd story; however, Future Shop has since apologized, returned Sandhu’s money and given him a new iPad 2 for free.”

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