Morning Music Notes – Kayne West is a Muppet

Doves + Elbow = Elves?

2 great British bands, both from the Manchester area, are teaming up. The lead singer of Doves, Jimi Goodwin, is coming out with a solo album, and teaming with Elbow’s Guy Garvey (via NME).

Goodwin told BBC 6 Music, “I’m loathed to call it a solo record but it probably is. It’s shaping up to be like a mad mix tape, no pause for breath, no gaps between songs, going from 140BPM carnival style freak out to a folk track then hitting a hip hop esque beat. Me and (Guy) Garvey have always threatened to write together and we finally got a chance to do that in the summer at [Peter Gabriel’s] Realworld studios. I came down for a weekend and we finally got round to touching on a couple of tracks that we’d sent each other, we made progress on a couple of songs that will almost definitely make this record whatever it is I am making.”

Facebook Adds New Following Tool called Subscribe

Are you sick of seeing people on Facebook count down the days until their vacation, starting at Day 50; or hearing every detail about their pregnancy and then their baby’s life? You might want to focus on the good things, like news and updates from PeteHatesMusic, right? Not one to sit back (well, at least since Google+ entered the picture), Facebook has added the Twitter-esque following feature called Subscribe (via SlashGear).

“With the “Subscribe” button, Facebook users can now connect with each other without having to become friends. This allows for more asymmetrical relationships, something that Facebook has been resistant to for a long time. However, the Subscribe button doesn’t work exactly like Twitter’s follow feature. The button only appears on your page if you choose to allow other users to subscribe. And those that subscribe have three options of receiving all updates, most updates, or only the important updates.

The act of subscribing to someone’s profile is public and you will only receive updates from them that are set as public. Hence, subscribing only makes it easier to see the updates that you would normally already be able to see by going directly to that person’s profile.”

But all you readers are already smart enough to be Facebook fans (and twitter fans @petehatesmusic) of PeteHatesMusic, right?

Footage from Kanye West’s Muppets-esque Alligator Boots

What If. Back in 2008, Kanye West teamed up with Rhymefest, plus the Comedy Central’s Crank Yankers producers for a puppet show ala the Muppets, called Alligator Boots (via Consequence of Sound). The show never made it to air, so we’ll never know how good (or utterly terrible) it might have been, but now we might. Below is a 10 minute clip from the canned show Alligator Boots. Bonus: Kim Kardashian might be dressed as Princess Leia in a bikini in one segment. The show is actually not too bad – give it a watch until you get bored or die from laughter.

[youtube wFgGG9wr4kY]

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