Ticketfly Comes to Canada, and Toronto Venues Start Giving Ticketmaster the Boot!

Ticketmaster is a horrible monopoly in the eyes of many people. Spending your hard earned money on a $30 ticket, only to have close to $10 tacked on for ‘service and convenience fees’ makes you want to kick something (except cute, fuzzy cats). Over a year ago, we showcased ticket company Ticketfly, and their integration with Facebook and artist fan pages. Fans of innovation and hated monopolies within Canada can rejoice – Ticketfly has begun teaming up with promoters Union Events and Collective Concerts to help halt Ticketmaster’s dominance within this great country (via Hollywood Reporter).

The U.S.-based independent ticket company has Bruce Morrison installed as the general manager of Ticketfly Canada. He issued a statement, saying “Ticketfly, as they have in the U.S., is offering (Canadian) venues and promoters who need a ticketing system another alternative to what has been until now a closed system.”

Because of Ticketfly’s integration with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, there is a lower service fee for venues and promoters. This means cheaper tickets for fans, and more happy people in general (which this city could use at times). You will have noticed something similar in terms of loooow service fees if you have been to record shops such as Rotate This or Soundscapes in Toronto.

Will it cause a shift in the ticket scene in Toronto? It has already started. Lee’s Palace and the Horseshoe Tavern, which are both run by Collective Concerts, is ditching Ticketmaster (via blogTO). Like all good announcements, this one comes with a video. Check it out below, and get ready to slowly phase Ticketmaster out of your life.

Ticketfly Comes to Canada

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